[erlang-questions] Using system's zlib

Christian Faulhammer <>
Fri Jul 6 19:50:50 CEST 2007

Gaspar Chilingarov <>:

> Christian Faulhammer wrote:
> > Gaspar Chilingarov <>:
> >> AFAIK no, because erlang's zlib is heavily patched :)
> >  Doh.  I don't really like that...is there any chance that one day
> > erlang can use vanilla zlib?  How heavy are the patches?  Could zlib
> > upstream integrate them?
> at current moment erlang uses zlib v. 1.2.3, which is the latest 
> according to zlib's official site.

 Good to know.
> About patches -- it took me about 1-2 day to merge in new version of 
> zlib to erlang sources :)

 Still, are those patches very special or could upstream provide your
needed features?
> In other hand -- what's the reason to include system zlib, if now
> it's shipped with latest version of zlib?

 As I am maintainer of erlang in Gentoo Linux, I have a bug open asking
for using system's zlib, but that is not important to you. :)
 Take it that there is a security flaw in zlib.  zlib in Gentoo is
updated, stabled and done.  Nobody thinks of erlang (or any other
package shipping a custom version of zlib instead of linking against
the system one), so we have a possibly vulnerable version in the tree.
Which is baaaaad.  Backporting patches from vanilla zlib to erlang is
just needless work in my eyes, and I have to be aware of these fixes
or even of an included library (there may be more I don't know about).


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