[erlang-questions] CEAN 1.3 is out

Christophe Romain christophe.romain@REDACTED
Thu Jul 5 02:15:27 CEST 2007

done for CEAN 1.3:
fixed most of pending issues
live upgrade is now working with local version checking (many thanks  
to Bengt Kleberg)
compiler added in developper version, and add erlang/include/<lib>  
packages upgrade, and some packages added
added armeb port (thanks to Brian Zhou)
R11B-4 upgrade for linux for all architectures
R11B-5 upgrade for MacOSX,Linux-x86,Windows,SunOS
packaged Erlang/OTP for 18 platforms
packaged standalone application archives (without any configuration)
better yaws integration (thanks to Bogdan Marinescu)
better erlyweb integration (thanks to Matthew Elder)
improved dependencies
runtime_tools added into base archive

future version of cean will focus on package improvement,  
configuration integration.
as package upgrade is working, packages will be upgraded more often.
patch provided by users will be applyable very quickly.
yaws will work "as this" using a default repository. erlyweb as well.
applications such as wings will also be working.

a matrix showing actual packages status is available here
it will be upgraded as packages status will be well known.
the idea is to make CEAN integrate automatic package testing to flag  
packages as OK or ERROR

todo for CEAN 1.4:
packages bugfixes and upgrade
include ssh for cluster deployment
code server patch (kernel/src/code_server.erl) for remote code loading
version checking in dependency handler

any questions or comment ?

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