[erlang-questions] xmerl still slow?

bryan rasmussen <>
Wed Jan 31 22:22:33 CET 2007

> Joel worries that xmerl is slow based on an off-hand remark
> that Chandru made in January 2005:

> I got the impression he was setting out on a new project and
> started by looking for the fastest XML-parser.
> I tried to point out that this is the wrong question to ask by saying:
>   "Show me an application where this performance difference matter,
>    and I'll show you an application that shouldn't use XML."
> What I meant, but failed to mention was:
>   3. First write your application using the simplest methods
>      available.

ok, so I think we can agree that worrying at the start of a project
about which xml parser to use due to performance reasons is something
of a premature optimization, but I would suppose not completely when
the choice is between a processor native to the implementation
language/framework and a non-native one.

anyway sorry to have misunderstood. I just thought it didn't make any sense.

Bryan Rasmussen

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