[erlang-questions] Erlang Extension Proposals (EEPs)

Tom Samplonius <>
Wed Jan 31 08:34:26 CET 2007

----- "Thomas Lindgren" <> wrote:
> Erlang: a popular programming language
> OTP: an Ericsson organization
> Erlang/OTP: the OTP implementation of Erlang (and
> more)

  But OTP is also a bunch of libraries that are useful, not just an organization.  I see that the general impression is that the OTP code is complex, but it does do something useful.

  Given how fractionalized that LISP has become because each implementation has libraries that perform the same function, but just work different (ex. sockets do not work the same way), leading to wrapper libraries that try to provide a generic interface that works anywhere.  It is a real mess, marginalizing LISP to a prototyping language (ex. http://reddit.com/ was re-written in Python from CMU Lisp, because it was unstable, and sockets and threads don't work the same way in all LISPs).

  Since the work on OTP has already been done.  It is specified, designed, and implemented, it should be considered "core", so applications can depend on OTP supporting tools/libraries/etc beubg present in every erlang install.

  At minimum this would help ensure that Ericsson erlang and FOSS erlang remain the same.


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