[erlang-questions] Compilation question...

Emil Hellman emil.hellman@REDACTED
Tue Jan 30 15:05:01 CET 2007


I have a small feature I want to several modules. My thought is to add
this feature if I encounter a '-myfeature(Args)'  in the module.



Where args could be several different things.

So essentially if I find this "tag" in the module I would like to
append some code to the file (dependant on the args). And then compile
the modified module. However, I don't want the generated code to be
appended to the actual module, simply added temporarily during the

To do this I need some guidance. What module(s) contain the code that
is used by the compiler? I checked out 'compile.erl', but I think I
want to do something to the modules before this code is called (though
I might be wrong here).

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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