[erlang-questions] Erlang Extension Proposals (EEPs)

Kenneth Lundin <>
Tue Jan 30 14:51:44 CET 2007

On 1/29/07, Thomas Lindgren <> wrote:
> --- Per Gustafsson <> wrote:
> > In conjunction with the Erlang User Conference 2006
> > there was a workshop
> > concerning the future development of Erlang.
> >
> > In this workshop a decision was made to adopt the
> > Python process for
> > future Erlang development. Since nothing has
> > happened since then I have
> > taken it upon myself to edit PEP 1, the python
> > extension proposal which
> > describes how the python process works. This should
> > be viewed as a draft
> > so please feel free to suggest changes. There are
> > also a lot of decision
> > that needs to be made and issues that need to be
> > solved. I'll list some
> > of them below.
> I think the basic concept sounds useful, since it may
> make proposals more concrete and discussions better
> focused, and it preserves a history of the decisions
> made. Of course, there still may be devils in the
> details.
> My first question is: is this intended for changes to
> Erlang, or to Erlang/OTP? Given that the ultimate
> acceptance decision seems to taken by OTP, it seems
> like we're really talking about Erlang/OTP?

First what do you mean with Erlang, OTP and Erlang/OTP?

My view of it is that:
- Erlang/OTP is equivalent with OTP
- Erlang is the language and the only full implementation that I am aware of is
delivered as part of Erlang/OTP.

The EEP process mainly is intended for:
-  changes to the Erlang language
- changed behaviour of the Erlang runtime system (might be thought of
as part of the language)
- significant changes to standard libraries (stdlib, kernel)
- system principles, ...
- there are always grey zones and we have treat each EEP in a good way.

> (Alternatively, that the two are basically the same.
> This issue is a bit unclear at present.)
> And, second question, will OTP henceforth primarily
> use this process to introduce changes to the language?

Yes, the OTP team at Ericsson will primarily use this process to introduce
changes  in language, runtime system and libraries.

The OTP team will of course be represented as editors and will have a
lot to say
about if, when and how new things are introduced.

> Best,
> Thomas

Regards Kenneth (OTP team at Ericsson)

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