[erlang-questions] (no subject)

Matthias Lang <>
Sat Jan 27 11:46:19 CET 2007

 > How do I run an erlang program from the command line?
 > Please excuse me if I have missed where this is documented, but
 > I've looked in all what seem obvious places. The FAQ, Getting
 > started etc.

You could look at question 5.7 in the Erlang FAQ "How do I run an
Erlang program directly from the unix shell?"


Or you could ask google word-for-word exactly what you asked the
mailing list several times over:

  "How do I run an erlang program from the command line?"


And the very first link is to an explanation of how to do it.

The trap exit wiki has even more detailed instructions:


It could be that you want to make an executable and run that directly,
in which case


might be of interest.


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