[erlang-questions] ANNOUNCE: Wrangler, an Erlang Refactorer

H.Li <>
Thu Jan 25 18:32:03 CET 2007

Dear Erlangers,

As part of our project on Formally-Based Tool Support for Erlang Development,


We are pleased to announce the availability of Wrangler-0.1, a snapshot of
our Erlang Refactorer prototype, which support a small number of basic
Erlang refactorings including renaming of vairable/function/module names
and generalisation of a function definition.

You can get Wrangler-0.1 (bundled with Distel) via


Please see the README and Documentation for build/use instructions, and
let us know about any problems, bugs, suggestions. Our project Email
address is: 

We have been working with the Erlang researchers at the Eötvös Loránd
Unversity in Hungary, who are also looking into refactorings, and we hope
in due course to make a joint release of our work.

Happy Refactoring!

 Simon Thompson, Huiqing Li

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