[erlang-questions] Programming question

Sean Hinde <>
Wed Jan 24 20:01:45 CET 2007

On 24 Jan 2007, at 18:50, Claes Wikstrom wrote:

> Sean Hinde wrote:
>> One fix might be for gen:call() to issue another exit signal  
>> towards  the calling process after returning the result.
> Uhhh I wonder how much code would break by that. Quite a lot.

Are you sure? The two processes are linked, so presumably the caller  
wants to receive exit signals. Indeed the caller will always receive  
an 'EXIT' signal whenever the linked process dies, *except* if it  
dies while handling a call from the caller which is wrapped in a catch.

Seems to me that if there is a backwards compatibilty issue, it is  
that other bugs are hidden by this behaviour which are just waiting  
to happen.


> -klacke

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