[erlang-questions] Best way to do wall time alarms?

Bengt Kleberg <>
Wed Jan 24 08:44:52 CET 2007

On 2007-01-24 07:30, jm wrote:
> Haven't had a change to investigate this and thought someone may have a 
> good idea as to the best approach. I'm after a way for a process to be 
> notified on the hour and then every quarter hour there after, eg, 00:00, 
> 00:15, 00:30, 00:45, etc. The use of a quarter hour is just an example 
> and in the real application it will be configurable. The use of notify 
> hints at the use of gen_event as the receive or as an intermediary. The 
> question really then is what is the best way to generate these events? 
> Is there a standard approach, etc?

perhaps the module
and one of the functions:

could help you to do what you want?

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