[erlang-questions] OO programming style in Erlang?

Ludovic Coquelle <>
Wed Jan 24 03:12:39 CET 2007

I got a lot of reply for that! thanks to everybody

Sorry Martin if I misunderstood your message!
My English is too bad, and maybe I miss my morning coffee ;)
So it's clear fo rme now: use at least application, supervisor and gen_server

On 1/24/07, Ludovic Coquelle <> wrote:
> On 1/24/07, Logan, Martin <> wrote:
> > [...] Oh, and make sure you read all
> > the coding practice(style and design guide etc...) docs up on
> > www.erlang.org.  Oh, and one more thing, use OTP, application,
> > supervisor, gen_server at a minimum.
> Wow! I'm beginning Erlang, and thought using OTP is good practice!
> Could you explain why you recommend to use it at minimum? is it for
> efficiency purpose? or for code management/reusability?

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