[erlang-questions] function prime

Logan, Martin <>
Tue Jan 23 19:33:33 CET 2007

I was thinking, well this is the second time, that it would be nice to
add the ability to name functions with a ' suffix (ala Haskell).  I
can't think of a place where that would be ambiguous... I am sure I
could be wrong though.  I have seeing 


func(A, B) -> ...

                        Func2(AA, BB)


fun2(A, B) ->




funcN(A, B) ->


it would be much nicer to use 



func(A, B) ->


func'(A, B)


func''(A, B)



Function prime and function double prime is much nicer than function one
and function two.  I think so at least - it makes me feel smart and I
can pretend to be a real computer scientist.  




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