[erlang-questions] OO programming style in Erlang?

Logan, Martin <>
Tue Jan 23 19:25:09 CET 2007

If you are doing this, learning proper Erlang style, on your own then it
takes a while to learn.  I made great progress on my own.  My progress
was sped up dramatically when a then young Francesco Cesarini came to my
dev shop and taught us a thing or two.  Oh, and make sure you read all
the coding practice(style and design guide etc...) docs up on
www.erlang.org.  Oh, and one more thing, use OTP, application,
supervisor, gen_server at a minimum. 


P.S Francesco, please send me 500 USD for that plug.

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Adam Lindberg wrote:
> As a side topic regarding OO and Erlang ways of thinking, here's a
> good article about Erlang and concurrency. It touches object
> orientation and comparisons with Java for example, and is somewhat of
> a mind opener. :-)
> http://www.defmacro.org/ramblings/concurrency.html

I read the article recently but didn't find any Erlang
vs. OO comparison or objections against OO itself. Only
the concurrency programming was demonstrated on
one mainstream hybrid OO language...

When I started the thread I didn't want to ask "How can
I write OO in Erlang" (the mail has a bad subject) but
rather "How to write properly in Erlang" which is what
I have stll trouble with (at least it seems to me that
way). But I guess that this, as everything, takes time
to learn...

Regarding OO, there is only a few programming languages
that are "OO enough for me" (picking only those I know):
Smalltalk, CLOS. I've also read some articles about Self
and it looks quite good but I have never programmed in it.

Ladislav Lenart

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