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Logan, Martin wrote:

> This was stated quite well.  Both will get you to where you want to
> If you are the type of person that thrives on new innovative ideas and
> is not afraid of something different that very well could improve the
> way you do things Sinan could be just right for you, alternatively, if
> you are a real linux/unix head and prefer to use something that may be
> more familiar to you perhaps you may find erlware to be a more
> comfortable environment. 

Or ehhhumm, In the latter case I might prefer to just write a
normal Makefile.

Klake, The problem with rolling your own make file, and hence the whole
reason for writing a build system like Erlware OTP Base in the first
place, is that the make file changes from project to project.  Having
projects that all have different build environments can become
unmanageable in a one man dev shop, in a multi person professional
environment it spells massive inefficiency.  In my experience a
standardized build environment is the bedrock that good software
development is built on.  At Orbitz where I currently work not having a
standard environment would grind our development to a halt.  Consistency
across teams is one of the main attributes of our environment that makes
it possible for our teams to work together as efficiently as they do.  


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