[erlang-questions] Mnesia and primary keys

Christian S chsu79@REDACTED
Mon Jan 22 13:51:15 CET 2007

Creating unique keys and implementing joins to extract data is a
perfectly fine relational database approach. Mnesia allows you to
customize your db access to get those last microseconds out of your
queries, this is why it is so "raw" compared to SQL databases. There
are some candy available out there to make it less time consuming to
write db code: rdbms in jungerl.sourceforge.net, and there is qlc
which comes with Erlang/OTP.

On 1/22/07, Patrick Collison <patrick@REDACTED> wrote:
> Cool, that helps -- thanks.
> On a broader level, though, _should_ I be approaching Mnesia in this
> way? Is there any better way of maintaining relations than doing all
> the ID creation manually? Can Mnesia deal with constraints like
> uniqueness? (Some Googling doesn't throw up anything obvious.)
> Cheers,
> -Patrick
> On 22 Jan 2007, at 12:23, Christian S wrote:
> > This seems to be what you want:
> >
> > http://www.erlang.org/ml-archive/erlang-questions/200508/msg00291.html
> >
> > PS.
> > Primary key is not exactly the same concept as "autoincrement" or
> > "unique"
> > key fields.

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