[erlang-questions] build system

Logan, Martin Martin.Logan@REDACTED
Fri Jan 19 22:58:37 CET 2007

> * What (will) make a difference (if any) between erlware and sinan?

 This is a conversion that Martin and I have spent a lot of time on.
In the end it comes down to your preference. erlware has the concept
of a central build area for all of your erlang projects. Its also
built around make and shell scripts. Erlware has a very unixy feel
that many may find appealing. Sinan does a per project or per
application build (though the dependency repo is shared). Sinan is
written and extensible in Erlang. If anything Sinan feels like a much
smarter version of java's ant then anything else. They both understand
and require OTP infrastructure in the projects that they are capable
of building. They both use the same repository format. They both are
capable of generating 'getting started' project templates that are
buildable from the get go. There are a lot of similarities between the
two in output. However, they approach the problem of building otp apps
very differently. I don't believe that one is intrinsically superior
then the other, its just a matter of which you are more comfortable

This was stated quite well.  Both will get you to where you want to go.
If you are the type of person that thrives on new innovative ideas and
is not afraid of something different that very well could improve the
way you do things Sinan could be just right for you, alternatively, if
you are a real linux/unix head and prefer to use something that may be
more familiar to you perhaps you may find erlware to be a more
comfortable environment. 


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