[erlang-questions] Sudden death of Erlang Node

Eranga Udesh <>
Thu Jan 18 06:32:25 CET 2007



I have a very busy Erlang node running in a Quad Proc server with plenty of
Ram. The server utilization is quite normal. However time to time, the
Erlang node goes to sudden death without any warnings. The erlang.log.x log
files only show that the "heart" couldn't kill the server and the node
restarting info. Also I cannot find any erl_crash.dump file. Later I
introduced ERL_CRASH_DUMP and ERL_CRASH_DUMP_SECONDS environment variable
with different settings, but no luck. I use Erlang version 11B-2.


Has anybody experienced this sort of problem before? Please advice if you
know any other settings to set to identify the issue.


Thanks in advance.


- Eranga

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