[erlang-questions] FAQ Sec 1.5 query

Saifi <>
Fri Jan 12 13:09:27 CET 2007


Sec 1.5 of FAQ talks about the organizations using Erlang in development,
and cites the case of AXD301 ATM switch.

I am keen to explore the suitability of implementing the following functionality
 1. ip forwarding, packet filtering
 2. ipsec
with erlang and C hooks in Linux kernel.

The message oriented semantics of IPSec exchanges (ISAKMP and IKE) seem 
very much amenable to implementation in erlang. 
What are the thoughts of the more experienced erlangers on this list ?

The key capability required here would be 
 1. access to socket options (sockopt)
 2. attaching hooks from tcp/ip stack to erlang rt.
 3. certain specific interception capabilities.

Additionally, has there been any precedence of OSPF implementation in erlang ?

I would be grateful for any thoughts, suggestions shared on this topic.



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