[erlang-questions] problem while sending and receiving messages while threading otp modules with udp connection..

dinesh sundar <>
Wed Jan 10 12:36:48 CET 2007

Hi All

             I have a *supervisor*, a *genserver*  which receives messages
through udp and a *gen fsm* module which sends the messages using the same
The application *runs fine* when i start it the supervisor *without using
threads*..ie it is able to receive and send messages..

But when i run the supervisor using threads i am unable to receive and send
message through gen server and gen fsm module respectively..

Is that when i spawn *otp* modules i must pass a reference to all the
otp modules or there is something i am missing..

For Eg..
Application runs fine when i start things as ordinary: ie

But when i start it using thread I am unable to run the application For eg:
*spawn(supervisor,start,["",""]).* But some times i am able to send but
unable to receive the messages using udp connection.But I am passing the
socket reference to all the modules(genserver and gen fsm).

Is there any other thing that should be done..

Thanks in advance
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