[erlang-questions] restarting childs under simple_one_for_one supervisor

Sanjaya Vitharana <>
Tue Jan 9 09:26:11 CET 2007

Hi All,

simple_one_for_one supervisor supervising for bunch of fsms (gen_fsm).
Need to restart all the childs (fsms) under that simple_one_for_one supervisor.

1.) Are there any way to restart the childs (fsms) one by one?
2.) Are their any way to restart the simple_one_for_one  supervisor instead of above 1 ? so the childs will restart automatically.
3.) What is the proper way if above 1 & 2 methods are not suit for the task.

NOTE: Erlang Manual Says ...
The functions terminate_child/2, delete_child/2 and restart_child/2 are invalid for simple_one_for_one supervisors and will return {error,simple_one_for_one} if the specified supervisor uses this restart strategy.

Thanks in Advance

Sanjaya Vitharana.
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