[erlang-questions] R11B-2 SMP + HiPE: not loading native code

Kostis Sagonas kostis@REDACTED
Thu Jan 4 15:29:06 CET 2007

Serge Aleynikov wrote:
> Kostis Sagonas wrote:
>> Serge Aleynikov wrote:
>>> Is there any way to hint erlc (via command line) to use SMP-enabled 
>>> beam?
>>> I was only able to do it like this:
>>> $ export ERLC_EMULATOR="erl -smp"
>>> $ erlc +native test.erl
>>> whereas "erlc +smp +native test.erl" doesn't use the SMP BEAM.
>> Both "erl" and "erlc" are scripts that call the corresponding 
>> executables depending on the command line switches.
> That's what I thought, but unfortunately erlc is not a script.

Strictly, you are right. (*)

However, its functionality is really that of a script and what I am 
suggesting is easily doable.


(*) It is not a script is so that it also works on Windows.

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