[erlang-questions] R11B-2 SMP + HiPE: not loading native code

Kostis Sagonas kostis@REDACTED
Thu Jan 4 01:15:46 CET 2007

Dmitriy Kargapolov wrote:
> Hi,
> When loading natively compiled code (+native) in R11B-2 emulator running 
> in SMP mode (-smp) I'm getting the following warning:
> =INFO REPORT==== 3-Jan-2007::18:53:24 ===
> <HiPE (v 3.6.0)> Warning: not loading native code for module test: it 
> was compiled for an incompatible runtime system
> Does this mean HiPE and SMP could not be used together?

It simply means that, unlike BEAM code, there is a dependency between 
the native code  generated using some runtime system and the runtime 
system on which the code is actually run.

Put differently, it just means that you have to re-generate the native 
code using the SMP-enabled system, not generate it using the "standard" 
one and then try to use it in the SMP one.


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