[erlang-questions] writing programs to work with port

Serge Aleynikov <>
Wed Jan 3 03:23:11 CET 2007

Here's another helpful tutorial:


> Following the "Writing an Erlang Port using OTP Principles" tutorial is 
> this
> the best way to have a program work with a port to an extprg ?  Looking at
> the "Interoperability Tutorial" it appears to only cover the Erlang port to
> extprg and not the issues with intergration of an application or program
> working with the port.  Issue such as keeping track of the pid and how to
> issue read and write to the port from with in a program.  The examples
> appear to show results from the Erlang shell.  I would like to know are
> there more examples or tutorials on how program an interface to port.
> Newbie
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