[erlang-questions] Build Systems and a C Problem with fd_server

Eric Merritt cyberlync@REDACTED
Mon Feb 19 22:25:51 CET 2007

> I'd like to investigate sinan.

Sinan is actually usable now, I am just working on the docs before I
do the release. Sinan and Martin OTP Base are backed up by the same
repository system. We have been working pretty hard on defining an
open and generally useful repository for OTP applications. We should
be able to release that when we release our respective build systems.
That said I don't know much about portage (or gentoo for that matter).
However, this repository is meant to be open so it should integrate
with what you are doing. If nothing else, I would like to talk to you
about what your needs are so we can figure out if we have missed
something while specing this stuff out.

> What build systems do you guys think are best for Erlang
> and should there be an effort to repackage existing code with better
> systems?

 Well, as you would expect, I am somewhat partial to my own system ;)
I think there is a need for a common repository format and at least
one accessible public repository, ala CPAN, maven, rubygems etc. This
is one of the things Martin and I have spent the last few months
working on.

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