[erlang-questions] Build Systems and a C Problem with fd_server

Torbjorn Tornkvist tobbe@REDACTED
Mon Feb 19 12:33:17 CET 2007

Christopher Covington skrev:
> Hi,
> I've got a general question and a very specific one.
> I'm trying to build a repository of useful Erlang packages for
> Gentoo[1] and would like to include fd_server because yaws depends on
> it. I still don't understand the motivation behind erlmerge. Perhaps
> it's really something useful but at first glance it doesn't seem to
> fit so very well with Gentoo's Portage package management system. I

You can disregard erlmerge completely.
It was an attempt to create a package/install system for Erlang
but it is now dead (and soon forgotten I hope).

Cheers, Tobbe

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