[erlang-questions] p2p /2

Tom Samplonius tom@REDACTED
Sun Feb 4 20:00:17 CET 2007

----- "pierantonio redaelli" <windrunner1977@REDACTED> wrote:
> maybe refining my previous post....
> and hoping this does not seem crazy
> the actual question is: if you want to write
> global-scale applications, that is distributed
> applications whith thousands of nodes and significant
> latency, and significant number of faults
> how can Erlang help ?
> or saying it the other way around: what are the limits
> of Erlang/OTP such that beyond those limits
> it will start to break down in pieces, not to scale
> etc ?
> piero

  I think your question is so general, it is almost unanswerable.  In your previous post you described some sort of complex p2p app, but do not really describe what it did.  I disagree that most p2p software is written in Java.  The original Bit torrent client was written in Python after all, and nothing is bigger than Bit torrent in the p2p space (as measured by volume of traffic).

  But erlang is already being used for these kinds of app already.  What about jabber?  Thousands of clients, hundreds of servers, which have their own connected clients.  Thousands of messages per second.


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