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Corrado Santoro csanto@REDACTED
Sun Feb 4 19:34:31 CET 2007

Hi Piero,

pierantonio redaelli ha scritto:
> maybe refining my previous post....
> and hoping this does not seem crazy

> the actual question is: if you want to write
> global-scale applications, that is distributed
> applications whith thousands of nodes and significant
> latency, and significant number of faults
> how can Erlang help ?
Erlang/OTP can be "the solution" to this problem: it has a great 
fault-tolerance mechanism and the way in which remote communication is 
performed is really simple.

> or saying it the other way around: what are the limits
> of Erlang/OTP such that beyond those limits
> it will start to break down in pieces, not to scale
> etc ?
If you're talking about P2P I think that there is not limit. You could 
have problems if you use centralized structures that grow together with 
the system size; in these cases you have to take into account Erlang 
limits (atom table, number of processes, limits of mnesia, etc.). But if 
you have decentralized structures, as in P2P systems, what's the problem?

In any case, I'm developing, with a student, an Erlang infrastructure to 
build P2P systems.... so I could answer more precisely in a couple of 
months... :-)


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