[erlang-questions] Erlang bindings for FUSE

Charles Forsyth forsyth@REDACTED
Thu Feb 1 10:41:38 CET 2007

NFSv2 is stateless, lacks a close operation, and has a few other
serious failings that make it essentially useless for many quite
interesting types of user-level file system.

enfs_procfs.erl is an interesting type that does work because it provides a view
on an inherently changing scene, so some of the NFS disadvantages don't matter
quite so much.  even then, the view can be so out of date
(given the strategies of NFS clients i've worked with) that it probably
only works really well for set of processes that are stable (ie,
long-running services), but i can see that where it did work it would be
quite satisfying.   i think a FUSE implementation of the same thing
would not have the same limitations, so perhaps that might be a pleasant
little test for efuse.
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