[erlang-questions] Json for Erlang?

Bob Ippolito <>
Sun Dec 23 18:51:01 CET 2007

On 12/23/07, Michele Sciabarra <> wrote:
>  Bob Ippolito ha scritto:
>  On 12/23/07, Michele Sciabarra <> wrote:
>  Looking for a JSon implementation for Erlang, I have found a post in
> this list about a release of a similar code in January 2006.
> This release Google says it should be hosted in the site
> Erlang-Projects, but trying to access it I consistently get Bad Gateway...
> Any hint about how to get that code?
>  You probably don't want it, there's JSON implementation in mochiweb:
> http://mochiweb.com/
> There's two actually, mochijson and mochijson2. mochijson2 uses
> binaries for strings so it doesn't require lists to be tuple tagged.
>  I downloaded and installed it, but I cannot find any example...
>  Because you are also the author of mochikit ajax javascript library I was
> wondering if there is somewhere a simple demo application to show how to
> implement an ajax application using mochiweb and mochikit.

You asked for a JSON implementation, not a web server. Using mochijson
is just a matter of calling it like any other module. The only other
module it depends on is mochinum for the number formatting.

mochiweb is more of a toolkit for building web servers than what
you're looking for, we don't build ajax applications with it, we build
high volume services with it. They don't normally even serve HTML

The only "example" really is here:


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