[erlang-questions] Json for Erlang?

Michele Sciabarra <>
Sun Dec 23 17:49:31 CET 2007

Bob Ippolito ha scritto:
> On 12/23/07, Michele Sciabarra <> wrote:
>> Looking for a JSon implementation for Erlang, I have found a post in
>> this list about a release of a similar code in January 2006.
>> This release Google says it should be hosted in the site
>> Erlang-Projects, but trying to access it I consistently get Bad Gateway...
>> Any hint about how to get that code?
> You probably don't want it, there's JSON implementation in mochiweb:
> http://mochiweb.com/
> There's two actually, mochijson and mochijson2. mochijson2 uses
> binaries for strings so it doesn't require lists to be tuple tagged.
I downloaded and installed it, but I cannot find any example...
Because you are also the author of mochikit ajax javascript library I 
was wondering if there is somewhere a simple demo application to show 
how to implement an ajax application using mochiweb and mochikit.

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