[erlang-questions] Erlang IDE: easy AST access / method lookup ?

Roberto Saccon <>
Fri Dec 14 17:45:16 CET 2007

I am experimenting with adding better Erlang support to TextMate (a
Mac OS X Editor). I have added edoc lookup, see details and sceencast


project page: http://erlymate.googlecode.com/

however I found out that is not very easy to determine the exact link
to the Erlang documentation for various reasons:
- mapping HTML files to actual modules (I just crawled through and
tested if is a modul)
- arity of functions (thats tricky, I just quasi-parsed (or "guessed")
the current line of source code)

So my question is:

Does there exist a *very simple way* to lookup the AST of a module to
get the arity of a method ? By very simple I mean that I provide just
the line number and column number as input. Traditionally parsing
through the AST always involves a lot of coding effort, I have learned
that with other Erlang projects ..

Roberto Saccon

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