[erlang-questions] Proper benchmarking

James Hague james.hague@REDACTED
Fri Dec 14 16:23:04 CET 2007

> Just mention timer:tc(M,F,A) as the ultimate beginners profiling tool,
> before you venture into anything more advanced. Took a while for me when I
> was a beginner to find that out. Fprof, cprof, eprof etc are mentioned
> before this in the efficiency guide which in my opinion is the wrong way
> around.

On a related note, e/f/c/prof are completely buried in the docs.  I
spent a good 10 minutes last night trying to find them.  Yes, they're
in the index, but to get to them from the main doc page, you have to
choose "Tool Applications" and then "Tools."  C'mon, just add a
top-level section called "Debugging and Profiling Tools."

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