[erlang-questions] REF: Pocket PC incarnation ?

david.koch <>
Fri Dec 14 14:46:19 CET 2007

It's now some months I tried to get Erlang running on my
Pocket PC running under Windows Mobile 5 (aka Windows CE
2005). As things are Cygwin dependant, and that it's not yet
converted to Windows CE, I tried to follow another path.
From what I read here
there is some ways to bypass Cygwin by using another method
of compilation, eg CeGcc which can be found here
http://cegcc.sourceforge.net/ ! Some helper files might
obviously be found here http://mamaich.uni.cc/fr_pocket.htm

The latests CeGcc file packages are currently only available
under Linux

Is there another path to get things compiling under Windows
OS (best fit would be eVC4) or just remove/decrease legacy
*Nix dependencies ? I think I'm close to completion, yet
it's still somewhat frustrating having basic compile error
such 'long long not permited'... Then the following task
would be to open nodes accross Wi-Fi links on Windows Mobile
5 compatible devices that support such communication model :)


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