[erlang-questions] Amazon AWS SimpleDB based on erlang now in beta

Erlang List erlq@REDACTED
Fri Dec 14 12:47:40 CET 2007

I was wondering if anyone has tried this or if now that it is out if any of 
the team who created can give us some insights (for example how big is "large 
data sets", etc):

 From http://www.satine.org/archives/2007/12/13/amazon-simpledb/  :

What’s cool about SimpleDB
* Really large data sets
* Really Fast
* Highly Available - It’s Amazon. Running Erlang. Whoa.
* On demand scaling - Like S3, EC2, with a sensible data metering pricing model
* Schemaless - major cool factor for me here; items are little hash tables 
containing sets of key, value pairs


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