[erlang-questions] Project: Adobe release AMF3 specification for Flash/Flex - Joe's SP1 #9

G Bulmer <>
Thu Dec 13 22:42:41 CET 2007

Adobe has released a spec for Action Message Format -- AMF3

To quote: "Action Message Format (AMF) is a compact binary format  
that is used to serialize
ActionScript object graphs. Once serialized an AMF encoded object  
graph may be used
to persist and retrieve the public state of an application across  
sessions or allow two
endpoints to communicate through the exchange of strongly typed data."

There is some helpful documents already at http://osflash.org/ 
documentation too, but it's nice to have the definitive spec.

Further, Adobe say they will be releasing BlazeDS, the Java source of  
the server components early 2008:
Hopefully, this will include a nice test suite.

So, it is becoming much easier to achieve Joe's SP1 point 9
> 9 ++++ interface to flash using flex 2. Solve the GUI problem once and
> for all as follows
>       repeat after me: client = flash in the browser, server = erlang.
> Intermediate protocol = flash AMF

It's not that I dislike HTTP/HTML. I agree with pretty much all of  
the benefits, but you can build some lovely client user interfaces in  
Flex/AIR e.g. http://about.buzzword.com/ and it appears to be quicker  
to build and test (on a range of relevant platforms) than browser- 
hosted JavaScript-based apps.

I'd be *very* interested in an *Open Source* implementation of an  
Erlang AMF server.

I realise process-one have a commercial product, and I'm not anti- 
commercial products. I encourage customer's to pay for commercial  
support for production deployment, but I like low-cost/free  
development, test, demo and 'bootstrap' environments that run on  
laptops too.

G Bulmer

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