[erlang-questions] clarify: are EEPs also for libraries and also for the OTP team?

Kenneth Lundin <>
Wed Dec 12 13:42:51 CET 2007


On 12/12/07, Dominic Williams <> wrote:
> Hi,
> The recent EEP suggestion for a gen_stream made me wonder
> whether EEP's were intended to be used for the language only
> or also for libraries. EEP 1 says: "describing a new feature
> for Erlang or its processes or environment", and "The final
> implementation must include test code and documentation
> appropriate for either the Erlang language reference or the
> standard library reference", but there have not been any
> previous EEPs for the libraries.

The EEP's should be used for changes and additions to the language,
runtime system and basic libraries such as stdlib, kernel and compiler.

> I also am under the impression that the OTP team is making
> many additions and changes to the language and libraries
> (most of them great, that's besides the point) without going
> through EEPs. I attended the EUC'06 meeting which initiated
> EEP's, and seem to remember that the intention was for the
> OTP team to use the same process, to gather community
> feedback before introducing changes.

The OTP team is already using EEP's for changes and additions.

We are not making many additions and changes without going through
Of course it is up to us to decide when we need to write an EEP, we can't do it
for every minor change but we will do it for every significant change
with major impact on language , runtime system or core libraries.

There are today 4 accepted EEP's (and more on their way).
3 out of these for are from the OTP team (in close cooperation with
the HiPE team at Uppsala University).

Also note that the EEP process is still in a very early stage not fully up to
speed yet.

/Regards Kenneth Erlang/OTP team , Ericsson AB

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