[erlang-questions] benchmarks game harsh criticism

Bengt Kleberg <>
Fri Dec 7 13:48:49 CET 2007


as for losing audience i hope that my suggestion at the start of this 
discussion (''do not read this'') was followed by as many as possible. 
having experienced isaac some 2-3 years ago (that time was much worse 
since i was unprepared) i expected something like this and thus offered 
the warning.

taking this from the mail list is a good idea in theory.

it was my first reaction when things turned ugly all those years ago. 
unfortunately isaac took the private email i sent him, chopped it into 
little pieces, removing things like explanations, smilies, etc. he then 
posted these pieces as straw man arguments on the mail list. using his 
normal acerbic tone, he proceeded smashing them to dust.

i sent another private email explaining that he had hurt me, asking him 
to stop doing such things, and giving me an apology. his (private) 
answer was much more brutal than his mail list postings, the point being 
that his act was not illegal and he would never apologise. finally he 
wrote that we should never send private email to each other again.

so in practice i am not taking this off-line even though it would be a 
nice thing for this list.


Those were the days...
    EPO guidelines 1978: "If the contribution to the known art resides
    solely in a computer program then the subject matter is not
    patentable in whatever manner it may be presented in the claims."

On 12/06/07 14:51, Ulf Wiger (TN/EAB) wrote:
> Bengt Kleberg skrev:
>> greetings,
>> i know that you do not appreciate meta discussions, but i see no way 
>> to avoid it.
>> taking your suggested action i ignored (if you did not write ignore, 
>> and think that the exact word is really important, let me know which 
>> word to use) the 2 asides in the previous email. there was nothing 
>> else, so i had nothing to write.
>> perhaps you did not envision this situation when you suggested the 
>> action?
>> if this is not enough to make you get back to the subject under 
>> discussion, please let me know.
> I'm pretty sure you've lost most of the audience on this list. (:
> Could you perhaps resolve any remaining (meta-)issues off-line?
> BR,
> Ulf W

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