[erlang-questions] werl.exe and window placement

James Hague <>
Wed Dec 5 21:27:05 CET 2007

Back in 2004 I got annoyed at werl.exe (the GUI console for Erlang
under Windows) not remembering window size/position and the state of
the toolbar, so I wrote a patch for it.  Unfortunately, I made a
classic Windows programming error: the function I used to get the
window data returned invalid values if the window was minimized.  If
you exited werl when the window was open, everything was fine.  But if
you exited werl when the window was *minimized*, then the next time
you ran werl you got a taskbar button but no window.  As a result,
part of the patch was pulled in the next release, but the toolbar
state saving lives on in R12B.

I'm now using OS X for most programming, so I'm not in a position to
redo this the right way, but *surely* someone else out there can?  All
you need is to use a different call to get window data, one I can
never remember the name of :)

This usability issue has gone on for far too long!


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