[erlang-questions] Erlang on the N800?

Mikael Pettersson <>
Tue Dec 4 10:35:01 CET 2007

On Tue, 04 Dec 2007 16:42:23 +0800, Michael T. Richter wrote:
> What are the odds of getting Erlang ported over to a Nokia N800?  (For
> those who don't know what I'm talking about, the N800 is an "Internet
> Tablet" -- handheld computer running Linux on an ARM processor with some
> TI DSP enhancements.)  Is it something worth trying or are there known
> problems that render it something I wouldn't bother with out of the box?

Erlang/OTP already works just fine on ARM/Linux boxes in general.
There's even HiPE (native code) support for it, though currently
only for big-endian (little-endian should appear in R12B-1 or -2).

The main issue is whether the system utilities, libraries, and C
toolchain for the specific box are up to the task. That's system
dependent, we can't do anything about that.

(Cross-compilation is a different story. Others have posted
cross-compilation instructions to this mailing list before
(do a search).)

Also, depending on what you intend to do with Erlang you may need
some swap space if the box has very little RAM.

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