[erlang-questions] Mnesia: select random record

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Sat Sep 30 14:19:49 CEST 2006

noss wrote:
There is something wrong with threading in your email client I think.
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  I'm use forum interface to that maillist from trapexit.org

noss wrote:
It sounds to me like you want a fair scheduler among unoccupised advisers for each pool of advicer? 
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Correct. All free for now advisers at current moments should have equal chances to pick call. As for me, the way is:
  * count all free advisers (=X)
  * generate integer uniform 
noss wrote:
h record.
When every pool stored in its own table that easy -- just table_info(size), uniform(X), fisrt-next for Ith record (since no way to get Ith record directly).

If all pools in one table (better, since pools are can be created/dropped dynamically), there need to traverse WHOLE table TWICE (i.e. -- full list of all pools).

May be use mnesia_frag, and spread pools over fragments, so every fragment contains several full pools, and add fragments if one of pool grow large?

[quote="noss"]Can you revise this idea to try something different that will accomplish the same?
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Sorry, what do you mean?
--- suicide proc near\n call death\n suicide endp
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