[erlang-questions] F# and Nemerle

ke han <>
Fri Sep 29 14:27:12 CEST 2006

These language are interesting...nemerle is more like scala than  
erlang.  I read the recent paper on scala attempts to handle erlang  
style concurrency.  If they are successful, thats a big step.  I  
haven't seen anything from nemerle on handling concurrency as a first  
class language _and_ VM behavior as done in erlang...nermerle and  
erlang are two very different animals so far as I can see.

ke han

On Sep 29, 2006, at 7:07 PM, Nick Linker wrote:

> Jay Nelson wrote:
>> Anyone had experience using either of these languages on .NET with
>> Visual Studio?  How about on mono?  Are they stable enough for real
>> work?  Did you find any advantages or disadvantages in using them?
>> jay
> There is group of Nemerle users in Russian Software Developer Network.
> Accordingly to their words, Nemerle is the most advanced language  
> ever. :-)
> There is significant progress in the work over the Nemerle plugin for
> Visual Studio. You can look at the small report about the plugin
> abilities at http://rsdn.ru/forum/Message.aspx?mid=2056038&only=1. The
> language is russian, but the page contains a number of screenshots,  
> so I
> think you probably will not have problems with understanding.  
> Otherwise,
> I could translate it to you, if you will need.
> Mono is primordial platform for the developers of Nemerle, so there
> shouldn't be any problems with it.
> The core is stable, but in standard macros there are number of little
> issues, although the issues are being fixed quite fast.
> Best regards,
> Nick.
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