[erlang-questions] F# and Nemerle

Nick Linker <>
Fri Sep 29 13:07:42 CEST 2006

Jay Nelson wrote:
> Anyone had experience using either of these languages on .NET with 
> Visual Studio?  How about on mono?  Are they stable enough for real 
> work?  Did you find any advantages or disadvantages in using them?
> jay
There is group of Nemerle users in Russian Software Developer Network. 
Accordingly to their words, Nemerle is the most advanced language ever. :-)

There is significant progress in the work over the Nemerle plugin for 
Visual Studio. You can look at the small report about the plugin 
abilities at http://rsdn.ru/forum/Message.aspx?mid=2056038&only=1. The 
language is russian, but the page contains a number of screenshots, so I 
think you probably will not have problems with understanding. Otherwise, 
I could translate it to you, if you will need.

Mono is primordial platform for the developers of Nemerle, so there 
shouldn't be any problems with it.

The core is stable, but in standard macros there are number of little 
issues, although the issues are being fixed quite fast.

Best regards,

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