[erlang-questions] Erlangic-ness?

Liam Clarke <>
Wed Sep 27 21:38:31 CEST 2006


Where would be a good place to find examples of OTP usage? I'm looking
at gen_fsm at the moment, and that seems like a good fit, but I'd like
to browse some examples of its being used, as I don't quite grok it at
the moment.


Liam Clarke

On 9/28/06, Garry Hodgson <> wrote:
> "Liam Clarke" <> wrote:
> > I thank anyone who does in advance for their time - Erlang is a
> > different paradigm entirely, and I'm unsure as to good practise. I've
> > been looking at the OTP design principles and Mr Armstrong's thesis,
> > but I'm unsure as to how far I need to take it.
> >
> > Should I be using stuff like gen_event and supervisor()?
> my personal opinion is that you should jump on otp as soon as possible.
> when i built my first app, i didn't really "get" otp, and figured i wanted to
> learn erlang well, and that i'd learn better rolling my own.  which was fine,
> for learning, until things got big, and then got deployed, and it got a lot
> harder to retrofit otp to take advantage of what it provides for a real
> production environment.
> otp provides a lot of the stuff for free that it takes to make your little
> app play with the big kids.  you may not think you need it now, but
> if you're successful, you eventually will.
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