[erlang-questions] Erlangic-ness?

Garry Hodgson <>
Wed Sep 27 18:00:46 CEST 2006

"Liam Clarke" <> wrote:

> I thank anyone who does in advance for their time - Erlang is a
> different paradigm entirely, and I'm unsure as to good practise. I've
> been looking at the OTP design principles and Mr Armstrong's thesis,
> but I'm unsure as to how far I need to take it.
> Should I be using stuff like gen_event and supervisor()?

my personal opinion is that you should jump on otp as soon as possible.
when i built my first app, i didn't really "get" otp, and figured i wanted to 
learn erlang well, and that i'd learn better rolling my own.  which was fine,
for learning, until things got big, and then got deployed, and it got a lot
harder to retrofit otp to take advantage of what it provides for a real
production environment.

otp provides a lot of the stuff for free that it takes to make your little
app play with the big kids.  you may not think you need it now, but
if you're successful, you eventually will.

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