[erlang-questions] Securing link between nodes

Jordan Wilberding <>
Sun Sep 10 18:53:37 CEST 2006

Jordan Wilberding wrote:
> I have come across an error now. When I do:
> erl -boot start_ssl -proto_dist inet_ssl
> Everything works just fine, but when I try setting a game with:
> erl -boot start_ssl -proto_dist inet_ssl -sname ssl_test
> Everything goes crazy with this error message:

Digging a little further, I have found I still get the error, even when
I just do: the following:

$ erl -boot start_ssl -name test

{error_logger,{{2006,9,10},{11,52,20}},"Protocol: ~p: not

Is there a reason the protocol is not supported? Did I maybe miss a
build option?

Jordan Wilberding

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