[erlang-questions] GUI idea

Dmitrii Dimandt <>
Fri Sep 8 17:30:13 CEST 2006

On 9/8/06, Vlad Dumitrescu <> wrote:
> On 9/8/06, Dmitrii Dimandt <> wrote:
> > Well, I think it's better to hook with HTMLayout. However, there is a
> > downside to HTMLayout - it's not opensource (though free for any use
> > whatsoever) :(
> Mmmm, it doesn't look like it's free...

It is :) The author didn't state that quite correctly on the site, but it is

You may utilize HTMLayout Component Software Product free of charge in any
manner you see fit (subject to the limitations outlined in this license) to
build commercial or non-commercial applications and components.

Your application shall include link to Terra Informatica site in "About"
dialog or similar place in your application. Text of the link: This
Application (or Component) uses HTMLayout Component, copyright Terra
Informatica Software, Inc. (http://terrainformatica.com).

Well. It's not too good of a license. And it's not opensource :( But it is
currently the most mature of such framewroks anywhere (see demo
to see what I mean (and whatch the next line of the entire Norton product
line to sport a HTMLayout interface, actually... :) ) AFAIK, the author is
currently working on a Linux port (since he's a regular at www.rsdn.ru, he
sometimes lets people in on some of the inside info)

However, it's not opensource, so, I guess, it's end of story :(

In any case, my point was that if there is an engine that generates
> dynamically the html & javascript required, then we can solve the gui
> problem. And also, since it's going to be in a browser, it will work
> remotely by default.
> Kind of an "X server in the browser" or something like that :-)

That's would definetely be great

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