New release of Erlog - a prolog interpreter written in, and for, Erlang

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Fri Sep 1 17:37:50 CEST 2006

So why not setup a project on sourceforge or google?
and for now how can I get the code?

Best Regard!

2006/9/1, Robert Virding <>:
> I have completed a new version of Erlog, and implementation of Prolog
> in, and for, Erlang. Compared to the old it has the following features:
> - much improved implementation with a speed-up of 2-10 depending on the
>    application!
> - much better Prolog parser which is now very close to Standard Prolog.
> - better Erlang interface which now supports compiled code, though there
>    is no compiler yet.
> - new continuation based interface as well as the process based one.
> For free I have also included:
> - Leex which is used for the Erlog scanner. No documentation but an
>    Erlang scanner is also included as an extra example. It works,
>    producing good code, but the packaging is not yet production quality.
> - an example efficient ETS interface. Backtracking over ETS wins!
> I will try to get the code out through the mailing list but it is too
> big. Leex has been sent separately. Please comment and report bugs,
> Robert
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