New release of Erlog - a prolog interpreter written in, and for, Erlang

Robert Virding <>
Fri Sep 1 11:03:34 CEST 2006

I have completed a new version of Erlog, and implementation of Prolog 
in, and for, Erlang. Compared to the old it has the following features:

- much improved implementation with a speed-up of 2-10 depending on the
- much better Prolog parser which is now very close to Standard Prolog.
- better Erlang interface which now supports compiled code, though there
   is no compiler yet.
- new continuation based interface as well as the process based one.

For free I have also included:

- Leex which is used for the Erlog scanner. No documentation but an
   Erlang scanner is also included as an extra example. It works,
   producing good code, but the packaging is not yet production quality.
- an example efficient ETS interface. Backtracking over ETS wins!

I will try to get the code out through the mailing list but it is too 
big. Leex has been sent separately. Please comment and report bugs,


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