[erlang-questions] ErlyWeb

Mikael Karlsson <>
Tue Oct 31 08:02:30 CET 2006

good to know that I am not alone :-)

Can I use ErlyWeb with AJAX(Json) style of web programming ?

Erlang/OTP by default packages the app/ebin and app/priv directories into 
releases (functions like systools:make_tar/2 etc). So you might consider
using priv/www (or priv/docroot) instead of www as your docroot directory.
Not a big deal really since you can include other directories too with  
optional parameters to systools:make_tar, but it could be good to stick to
the OTP default way. 
Yaws itself does not do this, but uses the www directory for some reason. 
Maybe the Yaws www files are not supposed to be in ones own web application 


måndag 30 oktober 2006 17:40 skrev Yariv Sadan:
> On 10/29/06, Mikael Karlsson <> wrote:
> > ErlyWeb looks great !
> Looks like you're not the only one who shares this opinion:
> http://yarivsblog.com/articles/2006/10/30/erlyweb-visitor-map-day-1
> :)
> Yariv

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