[erlang-questions] ErlyWeb

Dmitrii Dimandt <>
Mon Oct 30 09:17:31 CET 2006

On 10/28/06, Yariv Sadan <> wrote:
> I thought about this folder structure, and my opinion was that the
> nested folder structure is unnecessary for the majority of
> applications. Having a flat directory makes it easy to open files in
> an IDE such as emacs, and it also allows you to easily install 3rd
> party components by dragging and dropping.
> I think ErlyWeb should support the nested structure if you want it,
> but it shouldn't be the default.

The thing is that I'm currently fighting with a sort of an e-commerce site
using ColdFusion on Wheels <http://cfwheels.com/>. For instance, for one of
my controllers I have 23 views (16 actions, 7 partials). This could become
ugly in a flat directory real fast :) If ErlyWeb coudl support nested
directories (simple switch in options somewehere, perhaps), I'd quit my job
and start developing such apps on my own solely in Erlang :)
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